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viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Corruption at "La Compania de Turismo de Puerto Rico The Taxi & Tour bus division"

Here at "Why I hate Dragonfly DMC" we received some interesting info about a situation occurring at The Tourism Company. There seams to be some trouble with the taxicabs & Tour buses over at the Rio Mar. Now here my take on this guys: Dragonfly is a Company with a lot of money to throw around & as you know the The Tourism Companies Christmas party was held at Hacienda Carabali (Owners of Dragonfly) last year, they even stayed at the Parador at the Hacienda. Now at that activity Yolanda & her husband became very good friends $$$$$ (Expensive Champagne, Wines, Etc for free) with the Director of the Taxi & Tour area Marisol Dieppa (the wannabe Lawyer). There is no way for you to fight this battle alone. I personality suggest you join THE UNION & I promise that in three days this problem will be fix or they will block the entrance to that hotel & force them to negotiate. Your call!

miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Mr. Jorge Reyes Dragonfly's "EMPLOYEE of the YEAR"

Yes you know him! Jorge Reyes is the Hotel Assistant Manager of the Rio Mar Hotel & as a part time job he works for Dragonfly Adventures DMC. His well payed duties include that Dragonfly maintains the Rio Mar transportation, Banquet contract Etc. & that Hotel guest go to Dragonfly's Bamboo Lounge for dinner even if the hotel Restaurants are empty. If a guest complains about a bus being late, Dirty with flies & roaches inside or just doesn't show up, He will surely come up with some excuses to make them look good & blame somebody else. For protecting Dragonfly's interest & many other reasons is why the upper management of Dragonfly Adventures DMC has made him THE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

Do you know these people? Do you want to say something to them? Go ahead express your self. Mr. Carlos Lenny & Mr. Alejandro Diaz

Dragonfly Adventures DMC. Picture was sent from one of our contributors. It was taking form Carlos Lenny's facebook page. We wonder who wants to be this #$@^% "friend"? facebook/carloslenny

miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Dragonfly Adventures: irresponsible or should I say Carlos Lenny irresponsible?

Carlos (The Loser) Lenny does it again! He forgot to buy the "malbetes" from a couple of these buses....and as you can imagine they kept on driving them with out any since of responsibility. Can you imagine if one of them had an accident with tourist on board. Yolanda don't you get tired of this imbecile?

domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

Hacienda Campo Rico Much Better then Dragonfly's Hacienda Carabali.

Hacienda Campo Rico recently opened its doors. This is an Hacienda where there is Horse Back Ridding, 4 tracks & Zip lining. My opinion is this place will knock Carabali socks off. With they almost dead horses they will never be able to compete with the fine & healthy horses that Campo Rico has.
----Hacienda Carabali is owned & operated by Dragonfly Adventures---

jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

Look at this review from Tripadvisor , another one Lenny , Yolanda dont you learn? also thanks our contributors.

“A very enjoyable stay except the Hotel Transportation.”
Gran Melia Puerto Rico
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DRMauricio 1 contribution
Jun 9, 2009 | Trip type: Couples

Last month I stayed at Gran Melia Resort in Puerto Rico where I enjoyed very much my stay. The hotel accommodations where beautiful, the personnel where very professional and hospitable.
However, the last day of my stay at Gran Melia, when I was departing, I was part of a very uncomfortable situation. I needed transportation to San Juan, and the (Benny) employee of the transportation company, Dragonfly, told me the price for that trip was $90.00. At that moment a Taxi arrived and I asked the taxi driver how much is the price to drive me to San Juan and he told me it was $65.00.
When I decided to take the taxi to San Juan all hell broke loose! The guy from the transportation company told me that I couldn’t take the taxi to San Juan. Then the transportation company employee threatened and yelled at the taxi driver. He told the driver that if he took me to San Juan, he wouldn’t be able to get into the hotel again.
This was a very disturbing incident that bothered us a lot.
I have no complaints about the hotel and the service they provided, but the transportation company was horrible. I suggest renting a car, rather than using the transportation services provided in the hotel.

lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

Dragonfly Adventures DMC/Caribbean Unlimited Don't have enough vehicles!

After their Subcontracting car companies have refused to work for $20.00 bucks a trip to the airport. Dragonfly doesn't have enough vehicles to operate the 2 hotels that they serve, The result? the are using the taxi companies in the airport to do the work, just this past Sunday they had 24 passenger in the airport waiting 45 minutes for transportation, What did they do ? they used 6 taxi at once to move them........Carlos When are YOU going to learn? now you are spending the same money but on airport taxis.But im glad cause that means they are going under sooner rather then later!

Look at their internal shuttle!

Look at this piece of craXXX they spend $17000.00 on it & it cant even go up the ramp that leads to the lobby of the hotel .Another example of bad management ......

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

$20.00 a Trip to airport

WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN! reporting the latest! ....Dragonfly ADVENTURES DMC/Caribbean unlimited AKA Cheapo adventures started on May 2ed paying there subcontractor car companies $20.00 A trip to the airport when they used to pay $65.00 bucks. At $20.00 bucks that mean they spend $15.00 on gas & the rest is the car company's profit ! So what does this mean? they would have to provide the service basically free, why are the doing this ? well they are in real deep financial mess ,they owe over $175.000. dollars to several car companies ..... Recently they got a line of credit to buy 4 used buses to see if they can say their business ..but with Carlos "THE DUCE" Lenny there nothing is going to save them ........ what a bunch of losers ! pay up Yolanda

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

New York Life.........Arrived & Departed & Dragonfly Adventures

New York Life.........Arrived & Departed & Dragonfly Adventures lost a ton o money again! They were in charge of the arrival & departure of the group they had about 20 employees in the airport , Hotel making sure Carlos Lenny (I mean) there employees did fu.kup anything .... they even had to hire the former Rio Mar transportation employees to greet the group & make an impression ...... THE PLAN to provide NY Life with tours etc. But at they end NY chose Rico Sun tour for most of there activities ...& Yolanda paying a lot of employees for doing nothing just wasting money .....I MEAN YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH... BUNCH OF LOSERS.


Unfortunately for Dragonfly & fortunately for us Carlos Ramirez was recently let go by Dragonfly Adventures. Yet another proof that they have no idea how to manage their transportation business.............Hey Carlos get yourself a good lawyer & sue them they have money!

viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

This was sent to us & it was posted on a travel site .

A tourist that went horseback ridding saw the condition of this horse & decided not to patronize there business. He also posted a photo of the horse on the net.

Dragonfly is losing a ton of money on they're transportation adventures i mean business & they are subsidizing it with money taken from there horseback ranch. Consequence they cant even feed they animals.